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Most frequent questions and answers

General Questions

I typically try to shoot outside. I have many locations in the area to share but always open to new suggestions. Your home is also an option.
The beauty of Michigan! If we get rained out we will find another date. I work time into my calendar to account for rainy days.
I do. I love simplicity and I believe you should be able to print or save your images in a way that is best fit to you. I do offer prints if requested but all my sessions include digital files along with print release for personal use.
Honestly – to have fun, relax, and enjoy! I totally understand stressing about trying to make everything perfect for the session but I truly believe that kids of all ages can pick up on that stress and anxiety from parents. Letting go and enjoying what unfolds naturally during the session is the best thing you can do.

Newborn Shoot Questions

BEFORE If you have something special you would like to work into the session make sure to order it well ahead of time, or if it is a heirloom like a blanket, photo, etc pull it out and have it ready so we make sure to work it into the session. DAY OF Warm up your home. Newborns like to be warm and cozy and it helps with transitions. Bathe your baby if you have time. This often keeps them awake and will help with a sleepy, cozy session. Feed them just before the session begins. Also, make sure you hydrate and feed yourself! It is easy to forget ourselves during this time, so remember to take care of you too.
Simple, neutral colors are best. Solid black, gray, creme, etc.
I do not. I come to you in your home to capture your family in your environment.
Yes! Capturing these moments in your home is what makes it so special.
In general I do not use much in the way of props in order to focus more on the moments and love between you and your precious newborn. I do have swaddles, wraps, headbands, and diaper covers if you choose to use them.

Senior Photo Questions

Getting your makeup done can be helpful with senior photos, but it is important to make sure you work with someone that makes you feel natural and not “over done”. I do have recommendations if you choose to have your make up done.

Getting your hair done is 100% a personal call. I have had seniors upset with their hair not looking like them and others that were over the moon. If you know your stylist and they know what you are looking for I say do it!

My typical session includes up to 2 locations but in the same day and included in the time slot. Additional time, days, and locations can be added for an additional cost.
Absolutely! This is your story and it should include places that tell that story.
On average 2-3 is safe. You can often simply add a scarf, or swap out a jacket or shoes to change up an outfit. Have fun with it but don’t overdo it. Having too many choices can be overwhelming. I am happy to talk through your outfits prior to the session to set a plan of what to start with in correlation to the location.
If you wear glasses I highly recommend having the lenses removed for the session. Especially if you have transitions. I do my best to avoid any glare but if we have a particularly sunny day or a lot of reflection, it can be tough. Most offices will do it for you. Some pop out simply on their own.
Acne can be edited and smoothed. If it is minimal I will do it at no additional fee but if it’s more pronounced it will be at an additional cost. I am happy to give you an estimate prior to the session if you are concerned.
In general most high schools have a very specific guideline on what can be used for the yearbook. I almost always suggest going with the schools recommendation for the headshot. The cost of the headshot is generally minimal and worth the investment.
I do! I often have a LOT of proofs for my seniors and have found that many choose to create a book in order to keep more of the images. It is a beautiful way to capture this special year.