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Get the most out of your session


I am a “keep it simple” kind of gal and I try to reflect that in my sessions 😁 I do not travel with a lot of lighting equipment, props, or an assistant. I try to use the unique backgrounds and textures I find while on location which allows me to keep each session a new adventure! I love candid moments and will always try to catch your family in your element. If you have worked with me in the past you know I love to play with the kids and keep it as fun as I can. I was once ask by a sweet little lady “are you a kid”? My very simple answer was “Yes! I am when I am with you!” My goal is to have fun, relax, and enjoy the visit with you during our session so that it comes through in the moments we catch 😁.


I try to keep some flexibilty in my schedule to accomodate newborns, illness, and rain days. In order to keep that flexibility I have to book sessions accordingly. I would suggest booking 4-6 weeks ahead of time between January and August, and 8-12 weeks between September and December as the fall months are always the busiest! I do have many annual clients that secure their spot the year prior. If you like to keep a similar weekend each year let me know. If you are hoping to get images for holiday cards, please note that I take my last session the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

I can not hold dates for you once provided, so please try to confirm your session date as soon as you can. I do not require a deposit for most sessions. However, I will require a deposit for weddings, special events, and special mini/promo sessions.


Glasses – If you wear glasses or have transition lenses you may want to consider popping out the lenses or having them removed for the session. I always do my best to avoid glare but its not always possible with the movement of little ones, reflection, etc. With transition lenses I can try to lighten/correct them but it will be at an additional cost and it is not always possible.

Shoes – Depending on the time of day, or weather it is always possible we will be stepping through wet grass at the very least. Please be mindful of shoes that are not waterproof or may damage, heels that may sink, etc.

White jeans/clothes – I love white jeans!! I always try to bring a mat, towel, or blanket with me to avoid any staining or possible dampness from the ground but many times the image would look best without them. If you have small kids, I will most definitely have them up on your laps, or cuddled in at times throughout the shoot. Be aware that muddy feet can leave marks! I can always edit out mud, I just don’t want you to be upset with me if we all end up a little bit dirtier when we leave then we did when we started 😁.

Bribes – I am all about a good bribe when needed! A couple tips though… if it is candy, please try not to make it chocolate or gum if at all possible. Chocolate inevitably ends up everywhere and gum usually shows up in their cheeks or teeth. Same goes for anything that may turn their teeth colors. Think things like Smarties or puffs.


Payment is due in full at time of session. All payment types are accepted. If you would like to use a credit card a 4% fee will be added on.

If you choose to purchase additional digital files ouside of your package, purchase prints, ect payment can be made via Venmo, Chase Pay, Zelle, or check.


I try to have session images posted for your review within 2 weeks of the session. However, during the busy fall months it can be as long as 4 weeks so it is good to plan ahead for these if planning to use images for holidays. I will confirm with you at our session when to expect your images. Once you have chosen the images you wish to keep I will finish any additional edits, complete the other formats (each image comes in full color, bw, and vintage) and send your proofs via a zip file.